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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 3, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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>> we're back with brian kilmeade. maria molina sitting on the coach. brian, your super bowl prediction with ten seconds left. what is going to happen today? >> as close as it could go either way, i do think in the end the 49ers. i think the 49ers by about three. >> catch brian live tomorrow on "fox & friends" from new orleans after the show. thanks, brian. great job. we start this morning with a fox news alert. heading into the sixth day of that bizarre hostage standoff in alabama that involves a 5-year-old boy. right now we're waiting for an update on the negotiations from the midland city police. welcome to america's news headquarters this sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. >> hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby. yesterday we said the story was impossible to believe and it's still going on, that accused kidnapper has been holed up with
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the little boy in an underground bunker since tuesday afternoon and police are now saying that the suspect, jimmy lee dykes, is showing no signs of turning himself in. dykes has actuall is actually af pulling the boy from a school bus last tuesday and killing the bus driver, and this bunker where the little boy is being held is said to be similar to a tornado shelter with food and blankets and television, but the only contact with the outside world right now for both the little boy and his captor, a 4-inch wide ventilation pipe. elizabeth pirahn pran joining um alabama. that's how, elizabeth, police are actually staying in touch with him. >> that's how they're staying in touch. they're in constant communication. in in fact, we were supposed to have a press conference and it was just cancelled. in fact, we just got the e-mail from both federal and local authorities, and i want to summarize it for you. it says the sunday morning press briefing has been rescheduled for this afternoon, although no
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exact times on that. overnight no new developments to report. the law enforcement community continues to work toward a safe resolution of the situation. it goes on to say they will continue delivering comfort items including food, toys, and medicine. we've been talking about that a lot throughout the last six days. it also says we will continue to maintain an open line of communication 24 hours a day whenever he wants to talk, he referring to mr. dykes, the suspect in this situation. it also went on to say that mr. dykes continues to make the child as comfortable as possible. now, that being said, it's certainly a community here waiting with baited breath not only on that situation, but it's also a very sad weekend for folks here. there's a funeral this afternoon set for the bus driver, the man hailed as a hero and across town, we're seeing ribbons just like this one. we're seeing them all along fences, along that little boy's elementary school, the blue and the red supporting his school colors and the black in remembrance of that man who gave
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his life to save all those children on the school bus. jamie? >> so sad for this community, elizabeth. we're praying. keep us posted. eric? >> as elizabeth just mentioned, the bus driver that dykes is accused of killing will be laid to rest later today. charles albert po land, jr. is being remembered today as a hero. hundreds turned out for a memorial service for him last night. authorities say the 66-year-old driver was shot several times as he tried to protect the young children on his bus by blocking the gunman's way. >> we also have some new information on a charter bus crash that injured 34 people in boston. check out these pictures. the vehicle was carrying high schoolers and their chaperones on its way to philadelphia after a visit to harvard university when it struck an overpass. the incident caught many on the bus completely offguard. >> i don't even remember. i remember going under a bridge, and all i know is it turned black and i opened my eyes and
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everybody was screaming. i don't even know what happened. >> just chaos? >> it was utter chaos. i don't remember. >> what happened? do you remember anything? >> the bus crashed against an overpass. it was too tall for it. all i remember is it being dark. >> a lot of people hurt? >> yes. >> scary. >> riding in the bus and then what happened? >> i -- i really don't know. it just went like black. >> was there a noise? >> yeah. i heard something, but it all happened so fast, and it was like -- like all of a sudden black. >> are you okay? >> yeah. i think i'm just shaken up. i want to make sure my daughter's okay. >> dleerl th clearly the passene bus were dazed and confused about what happened. police are saying at least in the preliminary investigation they believe the driver failed
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to heed the low clearance warning signs. an investigation, of course, continues and if it's determined that he's responsible, he could face serious charges. jamie, also developing at this hour, a shocking tragedy in texas. authorities there say a famous and much honored former navy seal was one of two people shot dead at a gun range. according to police in glen rose, a suburb of fort worth, chris kyle and craig littlefield were gunned down at the rough creek shooting range yesterday afternoon. the suspected gunman is identified as 25-year-old eddie ray roth who kyle reportedly was helping with pa post traumatic stress disorder. he took off in a truck but was quickly captured. reports say he turned on kyle and littlefield and shot them at point blank range. kyle served four tours in iraq and for his service he was awarded two silver stars and five bronze stars. the former seal also wrote the best-selling book, "american
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sniper". the auto biography of the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history, a book that details his 150 plus kills of insurgents from 1999 to 2009. we'll have a lot more on this developing story with a live report later on in the next hour. and there's some major developments on the growing crisis with iran to tell you about this morning. iranian official saying tehran would welcome direct talks with the u.s. coming after a response to remarks yesterday by vice-president joe biden. mr. biden said that the door is still hope for possible direct -- open for possible direct talks after a week of increased threats from tehran. just days ago iran unveiled its newest jet fighter, one that they claim can avoid radar detection, but those claims have not been confirmed. earlier this past week iran announced plans to ramp up you're rain yuurain yum enrichm. there's still the ongoing
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violence in syria, iran making a veiled threat against israel, warning any attack on its ally would in their view be considered an attack on iran itself. just days ago it's believed that israeli jet fighters bombed a target inside syria, taking weapons to hezbollah. joining us now is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, who joins us every sun morning about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning. >> when you hear the vice-president talk about possible direct talks, any hope at all with iran that that would help? >> not if you'r your objective o stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons. there's simply no way iran will be talked about a program it's been -- talked out of a program it's been pursuing for 20 years and getting ever close to success to actually have a deliverable nuclear weapon. the administration's been trying to talk to iran for four years. negotiations have been only fitful would be the best way to describe it because iran hasn't seen a need to do it. they may do it this time because they do have some objectives
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cathedral like to achieve. they'd like to buy time to argue against an israeli military strike. they'd like some relief from the sanctions, and they may want some other concessions as well dealing with syria. >> when i sat down with ahmadinejad a couple of years ago, he was kind of administratived that the president -- miffed that the president hadn't returned. what's this all about? is is it ring around the rosy with these guys? >> they're very good. they've demonstrated over the past 10 or 12 years they're very good at conning western negotiators, u.s. or european. what they're trying to do is under the patina of having ongoing negotiations buy time to continue to make progress on their nuclear weapons program. that's a very valuable asset for proliferators, time to overcome the obstacles in their way, and that could be a factor as well, but you know, you've got an incoming secretary of state in the united states.
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he may want to try and at least in his view of the world, put a few points on the board by negotiating with iran, negotiating with north korea. i think both are dangerous, but i think iran senses an opportunity here and they may be trying to exploit it. >> is there a possibility that the new secretary of state, john kerry, could potentially meet an iranian counterpart? >> well, that's the kind of splashy opening to his tenure as secretary of state, frankly, that i'm worried about. there are proposals that are out there that have been tried with iran before that he might try again that in effect would lettinlettinglegitmize iran's cf uranium. that would weaken the position of the united states that we've held for over ten years. it would be weaker than the security council's position since 2006. as i say, when you have a new secretary of state come in, particularly one who believes deeply in endless negotiation as
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john kerry, i think it's a prospect, a risk that we face. >> when you talk about endless negotiation, there's another negotiating period, february 25th, in cass a kazakhstan. do you expect anything to come out of that? >> i think the record we've seen is that iran uses the negotiation to give itself the aura of legitimacy. it's an argument against the u.s. and israel from using force because people say oh my goodness. we've got these negotiations going on, don't do anything to mess them up, and it may also help iran with the international atomic energy agency that they've been stiffing for the past several years in response to some important requests by the agency to visit iran's nuclear sites. so i think that iran is -- as i say, they have their objectives. they'd like relief from the sanctions not because they're hurting the nuclear program but because they'd like relief from the sanctions for economic
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reasons. >> the ieaa even said that the talks were, quote, not going very well. finally, can you explain what this means, and in this is a quote from the iranian foreign minister. when it comes to the nuclear issue, yes, we're ready to negotiate, but we have to make sure this time, and this, i think, is very fair of us to make sure the other side, that means us, this time comes with an authentic intention, authentic and real intention to resolve the issue. i'm sorry. what is he talking about? >> he wants concessions from the west, from the united states and europe, really, before any serious discussions get underway. that's how we show we're authentic and sincere and wanting negotiations, and i very much fear that the europeans are always willing to make such concessions, and i worry that the new team at state and maybe at defense would be prepared to go along with the europeans and give something to the iranians that they will pocket and then ask for more concessions without making any real changes in their
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nuclear program. >> all right. the ball now seems with the new secretary of state, john kerry. we'll see what happens. ambassador bolton, as always, thanks for joining us on sunday mornings. >> thank you. we got some disappointing new numbers on the u.s. economy, and it's raised questions over president obama's second term agenda. what it is exactly. his administration is clearly last week and this week focused on new gun control proposals, and major immigration reform legire saying the economy should be issue number one. take a look at these numbers. the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9% last month. the nation's gdp shrank 1% during the fourth quarter, and u.s. debt is approaching 16.5 trillion dollars. we report, you decide. david hawkings here to help us out, editor of daily briefing. great to see you, david. good morning. >> nice to be with you, jamie. >> i want to start by can go you about the president's push this
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week. he'll make the tour on gun control. he talked last week about immigration. does he have those two right? >> does he have those two right in terms of boosting the economy? >> well, no. in his position and his proposals are those issues that we should take care of in the way he's proposing? >> well, that's not for me to decide, but it certainly seems as though at the moment, his immigration proposal is more in line with the public's thinking than his gun control proposal. i think we've already seen in some of the polling and what some members of congress said that on gun control, two of his three main legislative proposals, renewing the ban on these military style ar-15 like riesmrifles doesn't have the von congress. expanding the ban on high capacity ammunition magazines, neither does that. the real legislative focus is going to be on expanding background checks on would-be
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gun buyers. that's where most of his effort will be going. that seems to be where the sweet spot where he may have legislative success. on immigration, there's much less interest in the public on this at the moment, actually. it seems to me. he does seem to have the legislative sweet spot more in line. that one also goes a little bit more to the economic question that you started with than gun control. immigration is viewed in some business quarters as an issue that should be resolved and sort of gotten out of the way to give businesses some certainty that they can hire all categories of workers without fear of reprisal and without fear that this will be hanging over their heads for years to come. >> back to the economy, the gdp and the consumer confidence numbers, and where they are right now. are they of concern to you? do you think they'll correct on their own? what role do they play with getting people back to work? >> well, i think the gdp did -- that was a big surprise.
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nobody, none of the economists surveyed before these reports come out predicted an absolute decline. it does seem to me that the -- that the consensus view is that it will bounce back a little bit in the new year, in the first quarter of the new year. that economic decline is entirely attributable to the decline in government spending at all levels. the way that the -- that the government puts out this report, you can see that they say that if government spending had not declined, the economy would have grown, so that sort of points to the issue that congress will be facing before, and let me just make clear that they are going to be talking about the budget again before they take any votes on either gun control or immigration. the subject debate has been put off only for a few weeks. >> on that note, david, before we go, the automatic cuts that could come into play, what do you think that looks like if those happen to the economy? >> i think we're already seeing some of the effects from that. the gdp went down in part
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because defense spending went down so much, and that was in part because the pentagon was getting ready for these cuts. i think that they are absolutely apprehensive, the business community is, about the next round in the budget. what they want, though, is certainty. they don't expect that the government is going to pump money into the economy to stimulate it. what they do expect is that congress will put aside its dysfunctional ways and get a deal relatively quickly on this next round that we're going to see in march. >> david hawkings, great to you can at a to you this mornintalk. in a "fox news sunday" exclusive, nra ceo wayne la pierre weighse weighs in and for astronaut mark kelley, they both talk about the gun control debate. chris wallace joins us live in a moment with a preview. we have new details in the case of the american woman killed during a trip to turkey. authorities are now saying they
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of wounded former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, captain mark kelly, and the ceo of the national rifle association, wayne la pierre. >> the most basic right is to protect yourself, and the american public wants to be able. semi automatic technology has been around for a hundred years. if you limit the american public's access to semi automatic technology, you limit their ability to survive. if someone's invading your house, i mean, you shouldn't say you should only have five or six shots. you ought to have what you need to protect yourself, a woman should, not what some politician thinks is reasonable. >> gabby and i are both gun owners. i don't think you'll find a stronger supporter of the second amendment than me. i defended the secretary amendment of -- the sake amendment with my life. this isn't about the second amendment. this is about public safety. we had 20 first graders die in their classrooms because we don't have sufficient gun violence legislation in this
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country. >> joining us now is the anchor of "fox news sunday", chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you. >> eric: it's interesting that mark kelly would say this isn't about the second amendment any more because that's, of course, the argument of those who support that and support gun rights. it sounds like a fascinating debate. >> well, it is a very interesting discussion, and i will say look, mark kelly said it's not about the second amendment, the president said it isn't about the second amendment. i think there are a lot of gun owners who believe it is about the second amendment because obviously the supreme court has settled the fact that you have a right to bear arms. the question is how far does that right go? do you have a right to decide which kind of arms, how big a magazine, where to carry it? those are the kind of questions that are at the center of this debate, and that's where the battle is joined. >> eric: where do you see it going in terms of any possible legislation with the assault weapons ban and limiting the amount of rounds in those magazines? >> well, i think -- the sense i
7:24 am
get, talking to mark kelly and also you know, hearing what joe biden who is the point man for the president on this, i think there's a growing realizeation they're not going to get an assault weapons ban. it won't get through congress. they seem not to be pushing for it as much. a limit on the size of magazines, now they can carry 30 rounds, 100 rounds. the president wants it to be 10 rounds at the most. i think it's going to be tough. it has a somewhat greater chance. what i think they're pushing for most because, quite frankly, it has the most support is a great expansion of the background check, according to the polls 90% of americans like it. you know, whether it's universal or whether it's just expanded, i think that's what has the best chance, but i will tell you. we talked about that with wayne la pierre. he said it won't work, it hasn't worked, an part of the problem, and let me say this real quickly, is jared loughner, the man who shot gabi giffords, mark
7:25 am
kelly's wife, passed the background check. he was kicked out of school because he was seen as a danger to himself. >> eric: it's contentious and heart breaking, very devisive and it continues. chris, look forward to your interviews with both. >> i have to say it's a compelling show. people will hear a lot they'll like and dislike on both sides of the arguments. >> eric: chris, thank so much as always. >> you bet, eric. >> eric: you can watch the exclusive interviews on "fox news sunday" which weu8 air right here on the fox newschannel at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. a little later on this afternoon, plus in the next hour, we will be joined by someone who is very familiar with gun violence, the reverend jesse jackson. he is right now calling on president obama to intervene in the gun violence in chicago where that honors student who performed at the president's inauguration was gun down and killed. jackson on how to stop gun shootings straight ahead.
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